30 AirPods Pro are in stock! We already have 29 AirPods Pro left!

by HyobinJeong
aripods pro shipping japan
Hello, friends!
I'm working very hard today!
I couldn't update my blog yesterday because I was so busy.
Today's topic is airpods and news.
Additional 30 units of Airpods pro were stored at our office in the morning of August 12th.
But one was sold to Japan. 
We are selling Airpods pro in very cheap price, so I think it will be out of stock soon.
airpods pro_shiping japan2
All AirPods Pro are new! 
Do you see the stickers on the photo? It will be sent to our customer like this. ;)
airpids pro in stock!
If you buy Airpods pro on our shop now, We provide an AirPod pro's silicon case with Airpods pro by FREE.  
(the color is random)