To all of our Customers and Visitor

by JungSoyeon
Hello to our customers.

We would like to let you know that there was an unsavoury incident and we feel very upset.

Recently, we had a problem with a malicious fraud customer who was lying that he placed an order from our store and kept asking for a refund. However, as far as we confirmed on our system, he never completed the payment process on our store and also didn't place an order at all.

The reason why we post this issue on our blog is that we sincerely hope our good customers will not be influenced by the fraud customer's lie and fraud.

(This is the our regular order process. A. Customer put our goods in cart > B. Customer enter delivery details and make payment by Paypal > C. Store manager prepare to ship by Fedex by confirming order&payment on shopify and Paypal system. D. Customer receive goods > E. Store manager confirm deposit of the amount of ordered goods by Paypal account.)

If we do not send out the goods upon customer's order, we are not able to receive any calculation by Paypal. This means that we cannot swindle and we can get paid by Paypal after that the customer receive goods. Not only our store, but also many other shopify sellers is following that process.

However, back to the malicious customer's issue, this customer made his action only A step on the above which means we could not confirm any delivery details, contact number, payment history on Paypal etc. besides we found that the customer stopped to proceed payment on A step.

We were informed by Shopify about this issue and we confirmed with Paypal that any amount of the customer was not deposited into our Paypal account.
Also we informed to the customer about this. but the customer said that we did not verify the customer's order and payment details properly and the customer called us a scam and fraud store and the customer left as on condition that blocked us.

We concluded that this customer approached our company with bad intention.
We would like to let our customer know that we will keep doing our best to give you a faith to purchasing product on our store, indeed many customers send to us messages including expressions of gratitude after they receive our goods.

We are trying to do our best to cope with our customer's demand, kind of the malicious customer make us embarrassed and upset.

We still don't understand why this customer do this to us, and we are looking for ways how to report the fake review which this customer left on Trustpilot platform.

We sincerely hope our customers are not influenced by the fake review on Trustpilot and deeply Thank you for visiting our store even today.

We promise that we will be a good store "KOREA PHONE" which provide our products at best price&best quality with fast delivery.