1st shipment completed since the launch of Galaxy Z Fold 3!

Имэйл by HyobinJeong
Galaxy Z fold3 Shipping
Hello, everyone. This is Hyobin who is in charge of
selling&managing Korea Phone.

On August 25th, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 was released early and we sent the product to our Japanese customer who ordered it in advance.

I thought it could be delivered on August 27th at least, but I sent the goods quickly because I received an unexpected quantity earlier than I thought! I'm sure our customers will like it, right?

This is the power of Korea Phone. (Self-praise)

Also I got a lot of Flip and Fold products inquiries, so today I urgently updated the Flip as well.

As you know, Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3 are temporarily out of stock in Korea now. Supply and demand situation is very not good.

Also the Price of Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3 is increasing rapidly in Korea. It is also traded with an extra amount of money.

We're trying to do our best to provide the products at a cheap and competitive price without leaving much margin for us.

We are not selling the products in bulk now, so those who thought of buying the products, Please don't miss the good chance to get a new cell phone at a lower price!


  • Essy

    How much was a samsung flip phone and stuff

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