Questions about our Phones

All of our phones are factory unlocked devices, which means that it can be used on all carriers worldwide.
Before purchasing the item, please check network compatibility section of the product page.

We offer two conditions of products as the following:

* Sealed [Factory unlocked] - This products is totally brand new, fully tested and fully functional.
* Unsealed [unlocked] - iPhone: Only the plastic wrap seal has just been taken off of it, but the box and the contents are in flawless and perfect condition.
Samsung Galaxy: The plastic box has been opened, but the contents are in flawless and perfect condition.

NOTE: All products has an initial screen protector film and shipped with all of the original accessories along with original box.

The products that we offer are supplied from Korean official carrier company wholesalers (such as SKT, KT, LGT) who gives subsidies to promote their carrier service and supply smartphone devices at a cheaper price. The offered amount is limited and cheaper than regular price of smartphones in the market. That is why we are able to offer the best prices on market.

Unlocked phone is a device that is not exclusively tied to one specific carrier.
It means that the unlocked phone will work with any mobile carrier.
All of our products are unlocked for international usage and they will work with any network.

Of course! Our devices come with a warranty of 12 months from the day that you receveid our product.

It depends on the destination country and the mobile phone model can differ.
Phones that we sell are in Korean international version and they all come with ONE Sim card slot.

LG models can have a few bloatware apps of Korean carrier company preinstalled on the device and they are not removable. However, they do not affect the usage experience, you can easily hide them anytime.

Returns and refund

Free refund or exchange is possible only in case when the product is damaged or defective. In other cases, you have to cover the shipping fee. For more details, please refer to our Legal Section (Refund Policy).

We provide FEDEX return labels for our customers.
Please contact us with messenger at the bottom right of page in order to receive the return label.

We receive returns, however please be aware that you will be responsible for covering the shipping fee for return
(unless the product is damaged or defective).
If you changed your mind and don’t want the product, please do not open the box and break the seal, because we can not sell the product again and it comes as a big loss for us.
If you already opened the box, additional fee will be charged. (abt. 20% to 50%).

Please contact us with the messenger at the bottom right with a detailed description of the problem. We will send you a return label after we inspect the product once the product arrives. Fully upon your request, we can give a refund or exchange it to a new product.

Further quetions

If you have any other questions, please contact us with the messenger at the bottom right of page.
We will be answering to you as soon as possible.



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